Message from HOA Management March 15, 2018

Repost of e-mail message from today:

Silver Oaks HOA
March 15, 2018


Dear Residents,

We have had several reports of pets being off their leashes and running through the community unattended.

We kindly ask that ALL pet parents abide by our Community Documents, which states, in part: “No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind will be raised, bred or kept on any Lot, except that a reasonable number of cats, dogs or other generally recognized household pets may be permitted on any Lot; however, those pets which are permitted to roam free, or in the sole discretion of the Board, make objectionable noise, endanger the health or safety of, or constitute a nuisance or unreasonable source of annoyance to the occupants of other Lots shall be removed from the Lot upon the request of the Board. If the animal owner fails to remove the animal from the Lot after the Board’s request, the Board may remove the animal, in addition to imposing such other sanctions as are authorized by the Declaration and the By-laws. All animals will be kept in strict accordance with all local laws and ordinances (including leash laws) and in accordance with all rules established by the Association. All persons that bring an animal onto the Common Maintenance Areas shall be responsible for immediately removing any solid waste of said animal.”

Silver Oaks, HOA is  outside of the San Antonio City limits, and homeowners may contact Bexar County Animal Services:   FOR A DOG OR CAT PROBLEM, CALL: 210-207-4738 (Old number was 210-207-6650)  If you have a problem with a domestic animal, such as a cat or a dog, the county animal services can assist you, and this is a free service. If you have a complaint about a dangerous dog or cat, a nuisance barking dog, a stray cat, kittens, puppies, pet adoptions, negligent pet owners, please give the county a call.
An additional option is to purchase a device such as a ‘Bark Stopper’ from a pet store.  The cost is about $15.00.  The device is about 5” long and it can be attached to your side of the fence.  There is no harm to the dogs and a bark stopper is an effective tool.

We want to remind all residents and their guests of the importance of our covenants and following the rules, as situations with loose animals can prove unpredictable, and we want to avoid dangerous situations.  Animals should be on a leash at all times if they are not in your yard.

Thank you for helping to make our community great!!


Ryann Cecci
Community Manager