HOA Board

*This is not a website for the HOA. The following information is the latest as announced to members of the community.*

Current HOA Board of Directors:
Appointed by the Declarant during the Development Period
(see DCCR’s Section 1.18 and Bylaws Section 3.3)

Board members and officers as elected October 29th to be seated after Declarant turn over:

Paul Darr – President
Julie Castro – Vice President
Jackson Dzogbenuku – Secretary
Jaime Weddell – Treasurer (non-board officer)

One of the most important responsibilities of the board is to manage the association’s funds; your money. The board takes this responsibility seriously; these are the procedures the board insist on to protect your money:

  • Association financial records are reviewed annually by a certified public accountant.
  • Bank statements are reconciled promptly each month.
  • The balance sheet and profit and loss statement are reviewed each month, and expenses are compared to the budget each month.
  • The association has a collection policy that safeguards cash flow.
  • All association volunteers and personnel who have access to association funds are bonded.
  • Kickbacks are prohibited and any possible conflict of interest must be disclosed.