This website is not maintained by the HOA. Information provided here is for transparency and informational purposes.

About the Home Owners Association:

The Silver Oaks Association is a nonprofit organization. The Association owns and maintains the common properties and facilities. The common properties and facilities include, but are not limited to, public rights-of-way or easements, walls, fencing, greenbelt landscaping, sprinkler systems and improvements.

Every homeowner is an automatic member of the Silver Oaks Homeowners Association, shares a portion of the responsibility for it’s support and pays mandatory assessments.

The Silver Oaks HOA assessments (currently $212 per year) are billed in quarterly installments ($53 per quarter) and are due on the 1st of January, 1st of April, 1st of July, and 1st of October of each year. (If you do not receive a courtesy reminder statement, your account is still due and you should make arrangements for payment.)

Resident portal can be found: Here
Payments can be made: Here
Resale certificates can be ordered: Here

Currently the Resale Fee is $375 and Transfer Fee is $250.

You may also email about information to the following:
Account Balances or Payments
Closing Information
Improvement Requests and Status

HOA Administration:

Administrative responsibilities are to represent the Association in providing for the physical maintenance and operation of the common facilities as well as administer the services of all contractors providing services to the Association. Additional responsibilities include collecting assessments, making disbursements, establishing the budgets, keeping financial records and maintaining all administrative records of the Association. The Association has other responsibilities, at the direction of the Board, such as assisting in Architectural review.

To facilitate these administrative duties and responsibilities, the Board of Directors has hired FirstService Residential San Antonio as the Association’s management company.

HOA Building and Improvements Approval:

The Architectural Control Authority (ACA) must approve any exterior improvements to your home or property before work may be started. It is the responsibility of each owner to submit plans for any improvement to the ACA for review at the time of submission of the plans. Plans must be approved in writing prior to commencing construction.

“Improvement” is defined as any addition or change to the existing property. Everything is covered from home additions, to sidewalks, replacement or treatment of fences, landscaping, lawn sculptures, pool, patios, decks, flagpoles, basketball goals, athletic equipment, radio/TV antennae, satellite dishes, backyard sheds, gazebos, playscapes, swing sets, exterior colors to home, changing of windows, etc.

For improvements, please submit (1) a copy of the official site plan (no hand-drawn or computerized replicas) of your property showing the exact location of the improvement that is being submitted. Please check your closing papers for the site survey plat (showing lot, existing dwelling and any additions, intended placement on site, (2) list of materials, colors, screening, etc. to the Association office along with the (3) Improvement Request Form.


All household pets shall at all times, except when they are confined within the boundaries of a private single-family residence, be restrained or controlled by a leash, rope or similar restraint.

Barking Dogs and Other Noise Nuisances:

If your neighbor’s dog is barking and disturbing you on a regular basis, or if there are any other “nuisance” type problems with a neighbor, please follow these procedures for the most expedient resolution:

1. Contact the HOA Office to file a complaint. A letter will be sent to the offending owner asking them to be courteous to their neighbors and to resolve the issue at once in an effort to promote harmony in the community (you will remain anonymous).
2. You, as the Complainant, should call Bexar County Animal Control (or Bexar County Sheriff’s Office) and register a complaint so that a file can be opened. Make sure to get a complaint/report number from the operator when you call.
3. Call a few days later and request the status of the complaint/report number you were given above. Please note that it may take up to a week to 10 days to investigate the complaint.
4. Residents are encouraged to contact Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center at 210-335-2128 (or email The Bexar County Dispute Resolution Center was organized by the Bexar County Commissioners Court with the support of the San Antonio Bar Association to provide mediation services to the people of Bexar County. In situations where mediation is not the only possible solution, the Center also offers referrals to other organizations which may provide appropriate services.
5. If necessary, the Complainant should contact their attorney for possible civil actions.

The Complainant cannot be the HOA, it must be the party being affected. Furthermore, the complaining party has the duty of “proving the preponderance of evidence.” In other words, you must prove that the dog(s), or other nuisances, are obstructing your Texas Property Owner’s right to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of your own property.

Bexar County Animal Control:

FOR STRAY DOG OR CAT, CALL: 210-207-6650. If you have a problem with a domestic animal, such as a cat or a dog, the county animal services can assist you, and this is a free service. If you have a complaint about a dangerous dog or cat, a nuisance barking dog, a stray cat, kittens, puppies, pet adoptions, negligent pet owners, San Antonio SPFL, or San Antonio Humane Society, give the county a call.

The county will not handle problems with wild animals, such as squirrels, rats, skunks, raccoons, snakes, etc. Some people feel that the county animal services should pay for wildlife problems. However, they do not handle this service. The truth is that most wildlife problems involve a level of service and expertise that a government agency can’t deliver. Wildlife control requires special training and knowledge, and often involves detailed property and home inspections.

Utilities & Services:

CPS Energy provides electric and gas 210-353-2222
SAWS (San Antonio Water System) provides water 210-704-7297
ATT provides telecommunications service 800-464-7928
Spectrum Cable provides telcom service 210-244-0500


CPS-Energy defines placement and maintains the streetlights. If you notice a light out, please report it to CPS at 210-353-2222 or call the association office at 210-829-7202 or request repairs via CPS Streetlight Repair web site.

Parking, Speed Limits & Traffic Control Signs & Signals:

The streets are Bexar County public roadways. Traffic and pedestrian control signs, street maintenance, and speed humps/bumps are installed and maintained by Bexar County Infrastructure Services Department. Parking is permitted on county roadways by anyone at any time. Call Bexar County Infrastructure Services Department (210-465-4528 Cagnon Service Center) to report damaged streets, sidewalks, signs, or signals. Traffic and parking violations enforcement is the responsibility of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office. Towing from public streets can be ordered by law enforcement only. Call 210-335-6000 to report traffic parking and/or moving violations.

Looking at the complaints and comments regarding traffic and streets, it’s obvious that there is considerable concern over the congestion caused by so many cars being parked in the street. With so many cars parked along the curb, line-of-sight is greatly reduced when it comes to seeing children playing on the sidewalk or driveway and cars backing out of driveways. Since we’re not a gated community where the streets are private, we have no authority to regulate parking in the street. Our streets are county property and parking is regulated by state laws. Whenever possible though, please park your cars in your garage or driveway rather than in the street. The safety of our children far outweighs any convenience that parking in the street may bring.

Below is a quick refresher course in parking laws and ordinances that come into play within Silver Oaks.

  • Can’t park a vehicle on a sidewalk, in an intersection, or on a crosswalk. – state law
  • Can’t park within 20 feet of a crosswalk at an intersection. – state law
  • Can’t park within 30 feet on the approach to a stop sign or yield sign. – state law
  • Can’t park within 15 feet of a fire hydrant. – state law
  • Can’t park in front of a public or private driveway. – state law
  • When parallel parking on two-way street, the right-hand wheels of the vehicle must be parallel to and within 18 inches of the right-hand curb. – state law

Although the homeowners’ association doesn’t have the power to self-enforce state laws, homeowners can ask for the assistance of local law enforcement to do so. (call Bexar County Sheriff’s Office at 210-335-6000)

Newspaper Delivery:

Delivery of the San Antonio Express News is available by calling 210-250-2000. For additional information visit their web site at

Mail Delivery:

Delivery is made Monday through Saturday and deposited in the cluster mailboxes provided by the builder. The USPS Leon Valley Station, located at 6825 Huebner Road, serves the Residents of Silver Oaks; please call 1-(800)-275-8777 if you have delivery problems. Keys and locks associated with individual mailboxes are the responsibility of the resident upon issuance of the initial keys. Any damage or loss of keys is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. For more information visit the USPS web site at Your new zip code is 78254.

Garbage Services:

The Silver Oaks community is outside the limits of the City of San Antonio with no city taxes and subsequently no city services. Each resident is required to obtain their own garbage service provider.

Some area trash providers are:

AC Disposal
Frontier Waste Solutions
Tiger Sanitation

Garage Sales:

Community Wide Garage Sales are dependent upon Social Committee volunteers to plan and organize these events. Individual homeowner garage sales are allowed. The HOA asks that any signs that are placed in the community promoting these sales be removed promptly after the end of the sale period.

Public Schools:

Northside Independent School District (NISD) – 210-706-8500
Franklin Elementary, 9180 Silver Spot – 210-398-1700
Scarborough Elementary, 12280 Silver Pointe – 210-397-8000
Folks Middle School, 9855 Swayback Ranch – 210-398-1600
Taft High School, 11600 FM471 West – 210-397-6000
Harlan High School, 14350 Culebra Road – 210-398-2200
Sotomayor High School, 12801 Tall Timber Ln – 210-398-2700


Fire Protection & Rescue:

Bexar County Emergency Services District #7 (ESD #7) on Galm Road provides fire fighting & rescue services. In non-emergency situations call 210-688-0665 or visit their web site at Bexar County ESD may change. Additional information may be obtained from the Bexar County Fire Marshal’s Office at 210-335-0300


The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office provides public law enforcement services. In non-emergency situations call 210-335-6000 or visit their web site at