Message from Allen Pearce-Mishler April 15, 2018

Repost of Facebook message from today:

Good afternoon,

The HOA with PULTE is coming to an end I have agreed to canceled the HOA meeting that would have taken place this month. We will be having the meeting at turnover which is projected to be in a few months.

As per the bylaws we can only extend the meeting 90 days. It is believed so far that all will be completed in June or July. The meeting will be held then to determine the New homeowner’s board and the ACC members for our community.

It will be imperative that we have as many members present at this meeting, as we will be moving forward with what needs to be done with our community.

I will be running for President of the Board if the community so wishes.

I am currently ready for the turn over and have made arrangements to have the bids already from 2 different Management companies. Which I already have in my possession ready for the transition. Those are Spectum and lifetime management companies. Or there is also an option to keep FSR.

Anyone wishing to be on the board please be on the look out in the upcoming months for the paperwork to be nominated.

As Always myself and and Bryan will always be here for any community needs.

I will keep everyone updated as information comes to me.

Everyone have a blessed day.

Allen T. Pearce-Mishler