A little about this website

So I have been running this website for a couple years now. It began it’s life as an unofficial community website after the previous public HOA website was taken down. At that time the HOA moved to having it’s web presence to the FSR Portal Backend. While that allowed for sensitive account information to be available, it locked everything behind an authentication page. I was concerned that some of the basic information wasn’t available easily to the public. So I made this website as a more modern version of the previous public page and attempted to be more concise with presentation of information and now it is an official asset of our HOA.

As you can see I chose a space landing page but the site navigation allows you to go to other pages with more specific information including Events, News, Documents, HOA Officers, HOA Committees, and an Information page. Under Documents you can find commonly requested documents like “Directions for online and mailed payments”, “FSR Connect Registration Guide”, “Architectural Control Authority (ACA) Design Standards”, “Declaration of Conditions, Covenants and Restrictions”, “Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws”, and “Improvement Request Forms”. The Information page has some of the most commonly asked questions about the HOA.

So this website is a great source of information but doesn’t replace the FSR Portal for account status or ClickPay for making payments. I’m hoping that reminding people about this page will help them find the information they need.